6 Ways To Help You On Staying Focused While Working From Home

Ahhh, this article caught my eye today!
I can definitely relate to this obstacle. And that is exactly what it is...
And if you don't take action quickly it can turn into a major problem area.
The best overall tip I gleaned from this information is:
Treat your DAY as if you are waking up, getting ready for work and 'leaving home' to go to work in an office environment.
Staying focused and busy as if you were working for someone else, ie: an employer.
Basically, don't do anything working at home that you wouldn't do on the job.
Well, here is the LINK below so that you can read the complete article with all of the tips.
Have a great & productive rest of the week!

6 Ways Staying Focused While Working From Home


20+ Reasons Why You Need to Start Guest Blogging

I keep seeing on various blogs & in articles on blogging this same suggestion.
Guest blogging.
I personally haven't done any guest blogging, but I am considering it and have been for awhile now.
It really does make sense if you are wanting to gain more exposure ie: increase readers for your blog.
AND if you are attempting to work from home by having a blog that earns you an income... it really makes good sense!
Click on the LINK below to go to the article and a website that focuses on guest blogging.
Happy Blogging Y'all!

20+ Reasons Why You Need to Start Guest Blogging