How to Write a Better Weblog

This will be quick and to the point.
I found an article while looking thru the website listed below and I think it will be very helpful for new bloggers.
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A List Apart: Articles: How to Write a Better Weblog


70+ Ways To Work & Make Money From Home!

Found this article and wanted to post ASAP!
I will be writing a follow-up entry at a later date, however I am dealing with some health issues today...
I hope this article will be of help to someone, & do let me know of any positive outcomes.
Love & Blessings to you all, (and please keep me in your prayers this week)

Aspiring millionaire: 70+ ways to work or make money from home  


I Found Another Work At Home Mama!

And she has a blog here at Blogger too!
I haven't perused her entire blog yet (which I fully intend to do!) but... as soon as I found one of her articles, which led me to the blog, I wanted to make a post/link for everyone to be able to read and glean all her helpful information for freelancing or ie: work from home mamas!
So happy reading (& working) Mamas!
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Click on the LINK below to go to her site.
Write Moms 


Successful Bloggers - What They Can Teach You

Good morning everyone,
Found this article and thought it would show good examples of blogging styles for you to review.
This is a GREAT list of bloggers, ie: successful bloggers (this is key) and their blogs for you to go and check out!
Enjoy all and btw...
I'm curious to know whose 'style' of blogging you like best, so if you would please leave a quick comment on whose overall style captures your attention & why it does, and I will be doing a follow-up post to let y'all know my personal review of this list and the tally results!

66 Successful Bloggers and What they can teach you    

(these are Great! - & Very helpful)


Getting Started: Making Money At Home

Hey everyone!
I found this article on a blog that I like and thought it contained good info on what you need & should know before you get started with any online working endeavor.
I have included a LINK to the original blog where I found this article at the end of this posting.

3 MUST-HAVES To Make You A Success...

Being a successful make money at home entrepreneur depends on many factors including, but not limited to:

(a) A marketable skill set or product.

(b) Vision and Planning.

(c) Expert knowledge in a particular niche.

(d) A quiet and adequate work area.

(e) Structures and processes.

(f) Continuing education.

(g) A strong support entity.

(h) A genuine interest and passion in your business.

The above stated factors are important to your success. Nonetheless, they are only supplementary to the three major traits which harbor success.

These three traits are:

1. Self-discipline

2. Desire

3. Belief

The absence of any one of these characteristics can be detrimental. If you are missing just one such characteristic, you can expect to engage in dalliance, contentedness, anxiety, and a let down. This will lead to the ultimate demise of your online endeavor, meaning that you will not make money at home. It is the absence of at least one of these characteristics in so many individuals why 97% of online business result in failure.

1. Self-discipline

This is a trait which is tested at the outset. Once you leave your nine to five job to make money at home, there is no longer anyone to answer to except for yourself. With this newfound freedom come new challenges. Specifically, you now work, sleep eat, and watch television under one roof.

It now becomes easier to watch a television show which you previously had to record, or to take lunch breaks which are longer than those typically permitted by an employer.

Some people see the ability to do things which were previously reserved for after work during the day as a privilege which those who make money at home have. You just have to realize that if you are away from your home office, your work is not getting completed. If your work is not getting completed, you do not get paid. Hence, it is important that you micro-manage yourself more so than your previous boss did. You need to keep a schedule and account for every minute of the work day.

Realize that if you do not have self-discipline, you will not be able to stay on task with the requirements of a successful home business.

2. Desire

How strong is your desire to not only make money at home, but to work in the specialized niche you have chosen? If you are simply in it for the money, you are in it for the wrong thing. Money is hardly enough to carry you through the hard times, challenges, and setbacks which are inherent of business life.

Desire is your internal fuel, and keeps you going when everything else around you seems to be falling apart. Your desire keeps your head up high, and keeps you motivated to do things outside of your comfort zone, which are essential to the survival of your business.

If you lack desire, it will be easy to give up in the face of adversity. Thus, it is essential that you choose an online business which you have a strong desire to succeed with. This will be the only thing keeping you moving forward at some point in the future.

3. Belief

How strongly do you believe in yourself, your business, and your right to succeed, enjoy wealth, have beautiful things and be happy? Utilize your frame of thought to your advantage. While your mind is your most powerful asset, it can also be your most powerful adversary.

Your specific set of beliefs, irrespective of what is actually happening in your environment, can dictate whether your are successful or not. You would be stunned at the number of geniuses with incredible talent, ingenuity, and vision cannot find success simply because they do not believe in their ability or worthiness for success.

If you are without belief, you are battling internally with your doubts, and are holding yourself back. You need to exercise your mind. Not only must you train your mind to believe that you have the right to be successful, but also to eliminate any doubts that you will be successful.

Anyone can make money at home with the proper self-discipline, desire, and belief. This is the recipe for entrepreneurial success. 


LINK to the original article 

BOOKS which may also be helpful in getting started:


So... Finally, THIS Is The Blog I've Been Talking About!

I Know.... I know.
I have talked about creating this blog for SO long, y'all really didn't think I would ever go thru with it did ya?

Well, ha. - LOL, I finally did. (hee-hee).
Ok, this post (which if you know me) is gonna be my basic "start-up" type that I always begin with.

I usually just write a few sentences describing why I've created this blog, yada-yada.
AND as you already know, this blog is going to be All about working from home, ie: making money online.
Blogging, article writing, freelancing, affiliates, marketing...etc,etc.
Whatever I have learned and has worked for me (& NOT worked for me) I will teach you about.

Well, it is after 6pm and time to start working on getting din-din on the table....
So, the next post will get y'all started with the basics.

Till next time, everyone take care and have a great evening!
Love & Blessings,